Meet Cohen

Cohen’s Story

Meet Cohen, He’s a healthy 10 years old who loves her Sister Riley and playing basketball and football while loves being social. Cohen was diagnosed a few weeks after being born with an intolerance to dairy. The day after Cohen’s first birthday he had a major attack by having a so what was thought to be dairy free cheese which w resulted in Cohen being rushed to hospital. For his mum Tracey and Father Adam an anaphylactic attack was something they were not prepared for and extremely confronting seeing there son unrecognisable.

After having this attack the children’s hospital placed Cohen on the allergy testing list (being advised that the wait was 18 months), this wasn’t acceptable so Cohen’s parents were forced to go private which they got a allergy test within two weeks. Cohen parents were advised to come in for an immediate consultation which resulted in Cohen being anaphylactic to dairy eggs and nuts.

Tracey says that the diagnosis was extremely hard to digest.

My husband and I didn’t know how to keep him safe! And when the specialist slid an EpiPen across the table, telling us we need to have one with us at all times, it was a complete shock.

One of the biggest issues Cohen faces is that many people don’t understand the severity of his allergies.

After the diagnosis Cohen parents set out learning everything they could about how to manage Cohen’s allergies like how to avoid contamination and read food labels. still to today knowing the reaction the severity of the attack  Cohen is extremely fearful of undertaking the allergy challenges (MACCS medical group)

We also have to help Cohen with anxiety he now faces because of his allergy. He’s scared of eating away from home in case he is exposed to dairy eggs or nuts. The  challenges of Cohen’s day to day life includes.

  • kids at school interacting with Cohen after touching (dairy eggs or nuts)
  • school camps
  • canteens
  • kids not sanitising hands
  • classrooms not being hygienic
  • eating out managing his requirements

Cohen and his  family would love to see more funding towards allergy awareness and